tv production coordination

open one world to the other
connect one people with the other


Some of the TV programs we took part in are,

  • NHK: "Our Cultured Cousins"(orangutans), "Bengalese Tiger: a story of Machali and her cubs", "A gorilla professor visits a forest in Rwanda"(moutain gorillas)

  • tv asahi: "Wonderful Spaceship Earth" (numerous volumes on cheeter, leopard, Galapagos Islands, lions, elephants, polar bears, seals, conservation efforts in Thailand, Hawaii etc.) "Earth in crisis"(warming climate in Greenland)

  • TBS: "Amazing Animals"(eastern lawland gorillas)

  • TV Tokyo: "The numbers don't tell a lie"(eastern lawland gorillas)

  • BS-TBS: "Dream Express" (journey on a trans-siberian train, Golden Eagle)